Purpose and Vision


Coordinate care of frequent Emergency Department users

Track ED visits across communities

  • State of art IT system

Customized care plans

  • Immediately available to providers

Coordinate appropriate resource utilization

  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Identify community service gaps
  • Promote community development when neededAddress individual patient needs
  • Address individual patient needs

Commit to significant reduction in ED use for this cohort

It’s the right thing to do, AND there’s a strong business case for it!!




Aggregate EMR

  • Present to ED providers within minutes
  • Behind the scene quick "pull"
  • PMP/CarePlans/HIE


  • Labs/EKGs/DNRs
  • Voilent History
  • Care Plans

Auto Data Push

  • No separate action needed at ED
  • Formatted for multiple viewing options


  • Customisable to EMRs
  • Other ED Information Systems
  • All HIEs

Data Analytics

  • Dashboards
  • Outpatient metrics


  • Cost
  • Experience
  • Service



Enrique Enguidanos, MD

  • CBCS
    • Founder/Owner
  • Care Coordination
    • 10+ Years Experience
  • Clinical Leadership
    • Providence EM Co-Chair
    • ED Director
    • Medical Staff President
  • Advocacy Leadership
    • WA-ACEP President
    • ACEP Horizon Award
    • WSMA Board

Sandeep Agate

  • ER Pathways
    • Co-Founder
    • CTO
  • Krixi Corporation
    • President/CEO
    • Healthcare cloud-based services
    • Top 40 Tech Company
  • REACH Health Inc.
    • Founding President + CEO
    • Board of Directors







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